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In email marketing, one important measure if your email marketing success is the high level of legibility email you send. To that end, the email package is a must for your kind of internet businessstpay5.
Especially if you send an email that is not just for one or two people, but to many recipients at once. Be less than satisfactory results when you send an email that was apparently not up to the email recipient. Consequently what? Yes it is definitely the message you want to convey not up.
So how? What should you do to make sure the email you sent to almost all email recipients safely?
All you need to try first is to make sure that you enter the email inbox folder, and not the spam box. Most people, rarely open email into the spam box. Most people will immediately delete emails that go in there.
To that end, ask each person you send the email to an email address that you use to send emails to the email contact list. Instance, if you subscribe to a newsletter Joko Susilo, enter your email address “cs (at)” into your contact list. Suppose you give the name Joko Susilo Blog. Then, each time you receive an email sent from me, will most likely go into the inbox folder.
Second, each sending an email, make sure you give the title. Perhaps, when you’re in the middle to provide a forgotten subject / title of the email you send. Remember this well! Very good, if you fill in the email in order, from destination email address, email subject, until the contents of the email. Send an email with a serial manner can prevent you forgot to fill in the email subject.
In giving the subject / title of the email was me emphasize that not a single word. Such as for example, you write the subject “Hi” or just “Hello” only. In addition to a low readability level, filters (filter) easily considered spam in email email spam bersubject relativelyshort, so that they can include in the spam box


Third, do not use CAPITAL LETTERS. Either in the title or body of the email the email, write AVOID CAPITAL LETTERS. In addition to the ethical, on the internet, capital letters is considered rude because it is identified as people who were yelling, email spam filter is very likely to put it into the spam basket.

Fourth, avoid sending attachments in email. Emails containing attachments or attachments, including the extra attention from email spam filters. In some email filters, the attachment is removed, sometimes with the whole email. In other words, your email does not arrive at the receiver.
That’s four ways to make your email into the email recipient safely. ACTION in your subsequent emails. For the uninitiated, please read also How To Make Email Auto Answer in Yahoo Mail and Gmail and business email writing tips from Mas Lutfi.
Greetings ACTION!

This article has been taken and translated from the writings Joko


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