NEW program ACX

Welcome to all our new members. We’d like to offer
our thanks to so many ACX Members who are actively
sharing this opportunity to earn more income with their
friends and family. We are seeing growth in new
referrals and funding is up, even on weekends. Members
who have experienced the tremendous earning power
of his system are realizing that ACX has even more
potential to earn a great deal of money. Just look at the
recently announced programs!

Special 3% Holiday Campaign:

Everyone really needs to take advantage of the Special
3% Holiday Campaign; it is a great way to kick things off,
just in time for the end of the year festivities. Buying
Ad/Media Packages that earn 3% now will pay out a total
of 150% in approximately 60 days, meaning you will be
able to withdraw your earnings just in time for the
holidays. But this Special Holiday Campaign won’t last
forever, so take advantage of it now.

PayToo Offering 15% More:

With the additional 15% bonus PAYTOO is offering for
funding ACX with $100 or more, now is the perfect time
to start building the Ad Packs and Media Packs – the key
to earning big money at ACX. Fund with $1000 and get
10 additional Ad Packs and 10 Media Packs. The timing
is perfect, and PayToo has many other features you want!

PC/CP Wallet Values:

We are hearing from many members who have PC/CP
Wallet balances that they have no intention of
exchanging those balances for any kind of Restoration
Initiative. The ability to claim that money by adding 20%
or 30% to each Ad/Media Pack purchase is much more
valuable. Growing at a rate up to 30% faster is far better
than getting a small percentage of the wallet balance.
Please see the link below if you are wondering about the
value of your PC/CP Wallet balances:

Panels Moving at WARP Speed:

The recent announcement of the new Panel Accelerator
Upgrade has everyone buzzing, creating an excitement
never before seen in any company that operated the
Indefinitely Sustainable Ad Pack and Ad Panel system
designed by Frederick Mann. Once launched, it will be
possible to see panels completing in 24 hours. Members
will have control over the speed at which their panels
complete and when they will pay up to $60 in Panel
Rebates. As more details are shared prior to the launch,
you will be able to strategize in order to maximize your
active panels. The best strategy now is to purchase
Nitro Upgrades so you can take them up to WARP with
as little as $1 or $2.

Live Panel Training Today:

The Panel Expert Gil will be conducting live training on
Ad Panels today in the ACX Conference Room. Gil’s
presentations are always entertaining and informative.

Start Time: Monday 5:00 AM Server Time
(Sunday 11:00 PM EST)

Because the panel system plays such an important role
in the ACX Compensation Plan, we encourage all
members to attend. But if you are not able to attend,
we are planning to record the training and make it
available on the website.,acxviproom#

If you can’t make it, you’ll have to take full advantage of
our online training at

ACX Members are standing at the threshold of something
really big. We are ready to take this company to a level
of real earning power like never before seen. The time
couldn’t be better to jump in with both feet and start living
your financial dreams with ACX.

We all know this system has worked for years; now it has
been improved for even greater success. This member
relationship goes both ways, and we are committed to do
everything we can to make your experience at ACX a total

Here’s to a terrific week!New 3% per Day Promo Packs in the Ad and Media System!

To show our gratitude toward members and confidence in the ACX system, Ad Packs and Media Packs purchased from your newly funded Wallet, will pay Daily Sales Commissions of 3% per day on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends.

This is a Limited Time Offer!

Take advantage and receive a 100% of your funding within 33 days and the full 150% payback in 50 days!

Normally the ACX System takes 60 days at 2% daily (1% on weekends) to receive 100% of your funding and 88 days to get the full 150%.

This higher earning per day is a terrific way to rebuild your Ad/Media Packs quickly! Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible before the offer expires!

Potential Payments @ 3% per Day
No. of Promo Packs Paid per Day Weekdays @ $0.30 Paid per Day Weekends @ $0.15
1 $0.30 $0.15
10 $3.00 $1.50
100 $30.00 $15.00
1,000 $300.00 $150.00
10,000 $3000.00 $1500.00
20,000 $6000.00 $3000.00
25,000(max) $7500.00 $3750.00
Earn More Per Day NOW!

 join now and get a huge profit



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